Clara Evans

Clara Evans was born in Amsterdam, Holland, the daughter of an art collector and shipping entrepreneur. Her love of art is a culmination of extensive European travel, museum education and personal experience. Formally educated in art at the University of Amsterdam, she developed a breadth of skill in oils, acrylic and watercolor.

Having travelled throughout the world on oceonliners, her work is founded in the appreciation of maritime heritage and oceanic beauty. While honing her skills over the post 30 years, she has studied art with many of the local masters, among them Bennet Bradbury, Beebee Hopper and Bill Wicknick.

Today she continues to reside in Pacific Beach, California, where she and her husband have raised three sons, and remains an active voice for art groups at both the local and state levels. Her talented paintings can be viewed in galleries throughout the state, including her most recent works of classic ducks and birds.

Clara Evans
San Diego, CA
( 858) 274-5936

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